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Black Lantern Hal

Character: Hal (main), Guy, Kyle, John, maybe Simon and whoever else the author likes

Warning: character death, dark themes, necrophilia(if you so choose)

Bunny: Instead of a green ring finding Hal and bringing him back to life, he stays a Black Lantern.  This is following him and his journeys through space trying to figure out what he is supposed to do as a Black Lantern.  Become the grim reaper?  Try to help races he can sense are close to death?  Maybe he would become more like Black Hand and want ‘the light’ to go out?

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alternate “A Death in the Family” bunny

Characters: are Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Babs Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth.

Warnings:coma, violence, angst, character death


schizoauthoress: but now I am reading over our thread
schizoauthoress: and pondering a reversed ADITF where Bruce gets beaten all to hell
schizoauthoress: go with the alternate ending where he survives but ends up in coma/needing massive recovery time
daggerpen: Ohhh man
schizoauthoress: Dick, not ready to be Batman yet
schizoauthoress: Jason, breaking under the stress and blaming himself
schizoauthoress: Babs, in no shape to help anyone else keep themselves together, because she’s still in recovery herself
daggerpen: Oh man


So… I guess this is basically Knightfall, but push the timeline back so that it’s Jason as the Robin who has to deal with it.  I’d be completely evil, though, and kill off Bruce in the middle — if you want to have him regain consciousness just long enough for a Hope Spot/chance to say goodbye, only to take a turn for the worse and die anyway, that’d be fine.

I’m not one for “and then Tim comes around and everything gets better!” (I prefer Steph for that) but since I’m farming this one out, I can’t stop whoever writes it.

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The Dead Detective Family

Characters: Ralph Dibny, Sue Dibny, the Dead Boy Detectives

Warnings: Past Character Deaths

Bunny: Pre-DCnU. Ralph and Sue Dibny are ghost detectives. Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine are ghost detectives. Obviously, Ralph and Sue need to encounter their young colleagues and adopt them. Cue family bonding time with mysteries and ghost problems as well as the occasional encounter with a certain member of the Endless, who would really like them to just come with her but who doesn’t manage to reap their souls because of various reasons that are beginning to sound more and more like excuses.

Bonus: Ralph and Sue took in Traci Thirteen for a time, so it would be boss if the filler could work her in somehow.

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Red Robin Plot Bunnies


This is my first post on tumblr, so I’m not quite sure if I’m doing it right. Anyways, here are some DC/DCU/Batman/Red Robin/whatever bunnies that are free for adoption. Just let me know you’re taking so I can keep an eye out for the fic.

1. Tim has always associated physical touch with pain. Kon tries to teach him otherwise.

2. From the moment Dick “fired” Tim from being Robin, until after he proved Bruce was still alive, Tim was, essentially, homeless.

3. When Tim was so insistent that Bruce was still alive, Dick forced him to see a doctor. The doctor concludes that Tim is indeed delusional and prescribes some medication. When Dick realizes he’ll have to force feed Tim those pills, and that he has to watch Tim constantly to prevent him from flushing the pills or running away… We’ll Dick just doesn’t have time and he doesn’t feel comfortable asking Alfred to do it. So, reluctantly, Dick has Tim committed. And now Tim is regularly getting dosed with medication he doesn’t need; and because he doesn’t need it, it’s really screwing with his brain chemistry. Months later, Bruce is discovered alive. Dick realizes his mistake and gets Tim out of the hospital… but the damage has been done.

3. Tim: “Kon, I need you to be my sugar daddy.”

4. Tim and Kon get sent to another reality during a battle with a sorcerer. A reality where superheroes only exist in the comic books. Eventually, they decide they want to stay. After all, after all they’ve been through, they deserve it. Possible crossover. Inspired by those pics of Tim wearing a Superman hoodie and Kon wearing a Batman one.

5. Kon has to take of a sick Tim.

6. Ra’s al Ghul keeps offering Tim eternity. He doesn’t know that Tim already has it.

7. Timothy Drake isn’t all that sane. His teammates try to hide this.

8. Sometimes the Titans and the League wondered about the Robins’ fondness for crossdressing.

9. Tim wasn’t completely honest about his parents. The Drakes weren’t his biological parents, not really, only on paper. Unable to have children and denied adoption rights (they weren’t home enough, and they traveled and partied too much), they decided to purchase a child on the black market (the price included the cost of falsifying records so Tim was shown to be their own flesh and blood). No one thought anything of it when the Drakes returned from a trip with a five year old child, and they believed them when they said they had left him with nannies until they thought he was old enough to travel.

10. Alpha&Omega dynamics. Tim is an Omega and is pregnant with Kon’s baby. Bruce disapproves. Bonus: Kon tries to avoid using the Command Voice with Tim, but instinct is instinct and if he has to Command Tim on occasion to keep him safe, then so be it.

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Tim and Kara get blasted into another dimension- Earth 16. The two have to cope with hiding their existence, praying that they don’t set off an anti-matter reaction, adapt to a new environment- and somehow get home. Plan B is wait for Donna Troy/The Atom/Other assorted heroes to find them, Plan A is hopefully just busywork.

Of course, sometimes they get curious. And less cautious than they should be.

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mamacat! tim

Characters: Tim drake, batclan, damian wayne, rookie magic user.

Warnings: Genderbend


1. up and coming magic user, whom tim has been tailing for about two weeks.

2. Every time tim and this magic user are face to face the comment is made that tim would make a wonderful mamacat.

3. This is because the  user thinks of himself as a catboy and that tim acts just like what he thinks a mama! Cat should act like, he also has plans in the works to turn tim in to a mama! Cat.

4. Tim meanwhile had been trying to get the user to stop using magic in gotham and to come with him to see if any of the magic users that tim knows that would be willing to teach him. 

5. What neither had noticed was that because of one of the big wig bad guys the other male members of the batfam were stalking tim and had been watching him interact with this magic user.

6. When tim tries to stop the user from casting a spell that he doesn’t realise is meant for himself the others all jump in just as the spell goes off.

7. The magic user is not impressed that the others jumped in seeing as they were not planned for it changed the task of the spell.

8. The task of the spell was to change tim in to a female and a humanised cat, he had weaved in to the spell a family aspect that when it hit tim would make him think of the user as his kitten.

9. That changed when the others jumped in by doing so they over loaded the spell because the kid was smart and worked out how to get the spell to use the “strength” of the “victim”, which just meant that the spell acted with the magic in any person that the spell effected.

10. “ being Robin gives you magic.”

11.  now seeing as 4 of the 6 caught in the spell have been Robins there is now 5 people with magic to some degree of magic in that spell.

12. So when the others jumped in the spell got a boost of magic as well as different beliefs as to each other within the spell.

13. So the spell took over and changed all of them as it did as designed to do but just more.

14. Tim still ends up a catgirl but the others all end up as catboys with both the magic user and damian as kittens.

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I dream of Timmy

Characters: Janet Drake, Tim Drake and Co.

Warnings: crack?? Chaos??

Bunny: what if Janet was a Genie just like the the old show ( I dream of Jeannie) just nowhere near as happy or bubbly. Tim knows about what his mother is but thinks that he is a disappointment as to him he has never shown any of her ‘gifts’. so fast forward to some smartarse magic user who casts a spell that hits Tim and some how gives his Genie blood the boost it needed, it had always been doing little things eg. all the ‘miracles’, the way Tim talks to animals ect. Now after that Tim’s genie blood takes over……… who has his lamp or does he even have one?

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Going Through The Motions

Characters: Jason Todd, Batfamily
Warnings: Everything implied by Jason’s backstory, religious themes.
Bunny: What if one of the reasons Jason was so angry and so messed up when he came back wasn’t that the Pit did something. What if Jason had been in whatever passes for the DCU’s version of Heaven/Valhala/Elysian Fields and subconsciously (or consciously, if he remembers the experience) resents being dragged back to Gotham’s cesspit? Add that to the trauma of his death, being ‘replaced’ by Tim, and being ‘unavenged’ by Bruce, well…that’d make anyone a little angry, don’t you think?

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Flashpoint: Worlds’ End (an anthology)

Characters: Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Mia Dearden, Connor Hawke, the staff of The Sandman, Volume 8: Worlds’ End, others erased from canon

Warning: References to Flashpoint

Thesis: In a place all its own, there is an inn called Worlds’ End. Across all worlds, visitors may sometimes find themselves at its doorstep through aberrations and fluctuations in reality. Your currency is no good there, and don’t trouble yourself looking for vacancies. First: food, drink, and shelter can be paid for only in stories. Second: there is always room at the inn.

And a good thing too, because despite being fairly quiet most days (a fact largely attributed to its existence being impossible), every so often a Reality Storm will occur, driving customers in droves from the worlds which violently ejected them. They stay for a while, trading in the inn’s particular coin until the storm dissipates. Some return home, some simply move on, but a select few elect to stay. The inn gets pretty large when it needs to be, and can always use more staff. If you’re willing to work, you’re guaranteed a warm bed, square meals, and all the stories you can possibly imagine.

The last time such a Reality Storm took place was during the Zero Hour, when time itself was rewritten from beginning to end. Now an event referred to by chronologists as the Flashpoint has occurred, and the crowds have returned with it, though many of the faces are different.

Two such faces one night after Eobard Thawne changed everything were those of Stephanie Brown and Cassandra CainThey are greeted by a refuge from the last Reality Storm, and issued a table where a familiar face reintroduces herself to the girls as Mia, who will be their waitress this evening. Connor, the inn’s new teetotaling bartender, waves to them in recognition. Soon after, a small crowd of friends and acquaintances forms around the two former Batgirls, all relieved to see each other again in all this chaos.

Soon after that, the story-telling begins.

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